I carry a wide range of services to suit a variety of programs.

The most popular services are shown below. Please call Laura Nobbe (513) 518-5008 or email Laura for more information on services and custom options.

Grief Care

Heartland PreNeed Systems has partnered with Sherry Williams White RN, BA, GMS, GRS, a grief expert to provide you with the New Leaf aftercare brochures, books and other grief care resources. Sherry Williams brochures are personalized to discuss the many circumstances and issues of grief and they will provide your families with comfort and support following the loss. Also, available are brochures for dealing with the Holiday, grieving children and even the loss of a pet. Please see her website www.newleaf-resources.com for a complete listing. Heartland PreNeed can order any of her material at a 10% discount so please give me a call to place your order.

Family Follow Up

The beginning to a great preneed program. Families continue to need support after the funeral. Our Family Follow Up program begins with a sympathy card reaching out to the spouse, children and even brothers and sisters. We then set them on a path to receive preneed information over the course of the next 12 to 24 months. There is also a beautiful card that commemorates the first anniversary of the loss of their loved one. Throughout the mailings the families are informed on the benefits of planning for their own services. The program is completely automated and can be started with just the record of funeral, we do the rest.

  • Sympathy Cards
  • Relationship Building Letters
  • 2 week sympathy card to all family members in your market area, followed by a set of 4 letters and a 12 month thinking of you card

Complete Contact

We realize the importance of creating and maintaining contacts. You need a data base that will keep your sales people and your entire program organized. No one has more experience and success with lead management in the funeral profession. Our system is a custom built program specifically designed for our profession. It will become the cornerstone to your sales team and will insure long term success. The tracks are designed to keep your name in front of the family and when they are ready to make an appointment you are the one they will call. Let us show you this Complete Contact System. We would be happy to set up a demonstration.

  • Contact Management System
  • Complete tracking of all leads
  • Various tracks/letters for follow up to the families i.e. unfunded arrangements

Marketing Services

Direct Mail

Direct mail can generate awareness and increased sales. Heartland PreNeed handles all of your direct mail needs. We have a variety of proven pieces to choose from, or we will help you customize a message that will address the competitive situation for your market. We even have phone support to set appointments for your staff.

Group Presentations

People appreciate group presentations and they provide great exposure for your firm. These events are low cost and can be organized to be educational and entertaining and not just about funeral planning. Our team specializes in helping you organize these events, we help you with the ads or invitations and will even help you with the presentation.

Social Media

We help you implement a Facebook page. This brings more awareness to your firm and the benefits that you offer to the community and to the families that you serve. If done correctly, people will look to you every day to see what is going on in your community.

  • Group Presentations
  • Rover Agents
  • Customized Direct Mail and Newspaper Ads
  • Social Media and Email Marketing
  • Jang Consulting

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